BPG x Berkeley Free Clinic – New Year, New You

January 4th, 2021

A New Year usually means breaking old habits and creating healthy new ones. Whether its drinking more water, getting active, using plant medicine effectively, landing a new job, or giving back in your community, you can count on your buds at BPG for support!

Berkeley Patients Group launched our $1 Million For Good initiative,  supporting ten nonprofits working to uplift our local community. Each month, BPG is driving funds and awareness to one of our partners.

This January, celebrate the new year and a healthier you by shopping at BPG and supporting Berkeley Free Clinic.

About the Berkeley Free Clinic 

The Berkeley Free Clinic empowers individuals and communities by providing accessible, client-centered health services, and information.  

Since the Clinic opened in 1969, there has been an ever-present, albeit dynamic, need for its services as social conditions have undergone shifts and changes. It has become an icon in the Berkeley area, serving thousands in a variety of ways during its 50-year history. Its founding principles and structures survive to this day.

Their approach to health care is guided by:

  • Respect
  • Demystification
  • Inclusivity
  • Collectivity


Why We Love the Berkeley Free Clinic

BFC believes health care is a basic human right and should not be linked to profit. The Clinic relies solely on donations and government support, and they’re one of the only clinics in California offering primary health care services, medications, and supplies free of charge.

All their services emphasize education, self-knowledge, and increasing awareness and access to appropriate resources. Whenever possible, their goal is to demystify health care and other human services. 

BFC, like BPG, views health as encompassing the total well-being of a person including, physical, emotional, and environmental needs. Both believe health care should be broadly defined and considerate of the whole being and environment, not simply a response to isolated symptoms. 

In keeping with the goals of individual empowerment and the building of healthy communities, the Berkeley Free Clinic enables worker participation and responsibility. The BFC has operated as a worker’s collective since its inception; every volunteer has membership in the collective and has the right to a voice and a vote in all decision-making processes that affect both their specific service areas as well as the entire Clinic. 

Berkeley Patients Group is proud to partner with, and support, the Berkeley Free Clinic.

Services During COVID

Due to the community spread of COVID-19, Berkeley Free Clinic services have been modified. All of their medical and counseling appointments are only available over the phone.

If you have further questions, please call or leave a voicemail at (510) 548-2570, and they will return your call within 24 hours.

Free Health Services at BFC

As of March 2020, the Berkeley Free Clinic has modified many of its services to be conducted remotely and off-site. The clinic is not currently open to the public except for our Flu shot clinic Sunday’s from 12PM – 2PM (weather permitting).

Please sign up here to make an appointment for a Flu Shot.

Many of their previously offered in-person services can be accessed remotely by filling out the form specific to the service you’re seeking listed here on our home page, or by calling the Berkeley Free Clinic during phone hours 7 days a week at (510) 548 – 2570.
This includes remote telehealth, STI/HIV/Hepatitis screenings, TB testing, information resources and referrals, and peer counseling.

How You Can Give Back

A contribution, no matter the size, can help nonprofit organizations like the Berkeley Free Clinic, who rely on donations from compassionate individuals like you.  You can donate online now, or contribute your spare change in the collection jars at BPG anytime in January.

Berkeley Patients Group supports Berkeley Free Clinic with donation in $1 Million For Good Campaign

All services at the Berkeley Free Clinic are provided by volunteers. Training is done at the clinic or by volunteer professionals. Each year, an estimated 180 people donate approximately 31,000 volunteer hours doing direct client service, administration, fundraising, building maintenance, training, and more.

Most of the volunteers at the clinic are members of the Berkeley Community Health Collective. As members of the collective, all share a dedication to the struggle for free, accessible healthcare and health education, to community empowerment and unification, and to eliminating racism, sexism, classism, and homophobia.

If you are interested in giving back to your community while also having an opportunity to hone your healthcare skills, consider volunteering at the Berkeley Free Clinic.

Shop BPG to Support BFC

Shop at Berkeley Patients Group in January to support the Berkeley Free Clinic and help those in need of compassionate care and health services. Sales from supporting brand partners will benefit the BFC programs and participants.

Throughout the month of January, representatives from the Berkeley Free Clinic will be at BPG, offering information about navigating the healthcare system and health insurance, free healthcare services and screenings, and opportunities for you to get involved.

Check out our calendar for in-store event dates and details.