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Medical Patients

Berkeley Patients Group has been at the forefront of the medical cannabis movement since our inception in 1999. We pride ourselves in offering the highest quality medical cannabis products, services, and education available in California.

Join The BPG Family

Although not required, you are highly encouraged to become a member of the BPG Family. Members will receive special discounts, promotions and rewards throughout the year. You can become a member in-store or online. Registration is free and you can opt-out at any time.

Benefits of Being a Medical Cannabis Patient

Overall, medical cannabis shows great promise in helping patients feel better without the sometimes-negative impact of traditional medications. In a survey of BPG patients, 85% said medical cannabis had far fewer adverse effects than their prescription medications; they also said that medical cannabis did a better job helping them manage the symptoms associated with their health conditions. Harm Reduction Journal: PDF

Though not required to purchase cannabis products in the state of California, we encourage all of our members to become medical cannabis patients. As a medical patient, you will also pay lower taxes, have higher purchase and possession limits, and you will have access to a wider variety of products. We’ve outlined this information in the charts below:

Berkeley, California Cannabis Taxes

Category Adults 21+ Patients MMIC Holders
CA Excise Tax 15% 15% 15%
CA Sales Tax 9.25% 9.25% Exempt
Berkeley Adult Use Tax 5% Exempt Exempt
Berkeley Medical Tax Exempt 2.5% 2.5%
Total 29.25% 26.75% 17.5%

Daily Cannabis Purchase Limits

Product Adults Patients
Flowers Pre-Rolls 1 oz (28.5 g) / Person / Day

1 oz (28.5 g) / Patient / Day,

Unless Traveling (Berkeley Ordinance)***

Edibles Topicals Concentrates 8 g (8,000 mg) THC / Person / Day 8 oz THC / Patient / Day**
Plants 6 Plants / Person / Day 12 Plants / Patient / Day

For more information about what is legal in California, visit the CDPH website.

Getting Your Medical Recommendation

You have several options to choose from when obtaining your medical cannabis recommendation:

Option #1: Local Physician. If you are considering how medical cannabis can fit in with, or replace your current medications, we highly encourage you to speak with a physician. We’ve put together a list of local doctors who are knowledgeable in both western medicine and cannabis therapies:

Berkeley, CA

Dr. Frank Lucido
Dr. Frank H Lucido Family Practice 

Dr. Laurie Vollen
Naturally Healing MD

Cool, CA

Dr. Beverly Mikuriya
Cool Consultations

Lafayette, CA

Dr. Vera Singleton
Dr. Vera Singleton

Eloise Theisen, MSN, RN
Green Health Consultants

San Francisco, CA

Dr. Hanya Barth
Compassionate Health Options

Walnut Creek, CA

Dr. Rachna Patel
Dr. Rachna Patel

Option #2: Online Evaluation. We partnered with Nugg MD, an online evaluation service, to offer a quick and convenient way to get your medical cannabis recommendation online for only $39.

No appointment necessary. Speak with a doctor in minutes via phone or computer and receive a copy of your recommendation emailed within minutes, plus a physical copy mailed to your home.

Getting Your Medical Marijuana Identification Card (MMIC)

Medical patients who have a state-issued MMIC will be exempt from the state sales tax immediately. If you spend more than $100 per month on medicine, it should pay you to get a state ID card. Under Prop 64, the card fees are capped at $100, and $50 for Medi-Cal patients.

You must apply in person at your county’s program office. For our patients in Berkeley, the Alameda County Public Health Department is located at 1000 Broadway, Suite 310, Oakland, CA 94607. To schedule your appointment, call (510) 268-2977.

For more information about the MMIC program, read our blog post or visit

Fight for Change

Make your voice heard. It is your right as a citizen to fight for the laws you believe in. If you want to activate change in your community, contact your local representative.