Best Hikes in Berkeley

February 22nd, 2018

We love Berkeley because it boasts some of the best in the Bay — best food, best people, best cannabis, and best hikes!

Whether you are looking for an alternative activity in your workout routine or a fun weekend outing, a Berkeley hike is guaranteed to leave you satisfied (though we are a little biased).

In anticipation of the warm spring weather, we paired some of our favorite views with some of our favorite strains. As always, consume responsibly in the comfort of your home. Don’t drive while impaired and don’t smoke in public (while only a $75 fine in California, it’s still illegal).

Now lace up those sneakers, it’s time to sweat!


Grizzly Peak

Photo: Jérémy Huylebroeck on Flickr Photo: Jérémy Huylebroeck on Flickr

“Every week my son and I travel this route where we can see the most beautiful views from above. It is a must-see for travelers to this area. On a clear day it is the Bay Area at it’s finest.” – Deborah on TripAdvisor

Grizzly Peak is a local favorite situated in the Berkeley Hills. Escape the city noise and catch a beautiful view of Oakland, Berkeley, and San Francisco all from one peaceful, easily accessible location. You can drive to the Peak, or hike the 2.6 mile Grizzly Peak Trail.

We recommend pairing this view with a classic BPG Pre-Roll. The enticing flavor of Tahoe OG or the alluring effects of Luma Cookies will complement the warm colors of the dusk sky quite perfectly. You’ll definitely want to grab a couple, as you’re sure to encounter other cannabis lovers and may want to make some new friends!


Stonewall-Panoramic Trail

Stonewall Photo by Hikes Dogs Love Photo: Hikes Dogs Love

“One of the best hikes in the hills. Fantastic views, quiet and high enough to feel like you did an awesome feat. Two pretty steep inclines with the last one feeling like you’re walking straight into the sky. Worth it. Do it. Because you’re stronger than you think you are.” – Linda on Yelp

Claremont Canyon Regional Preserve is nestled in the Berkeley and Oakland hills behind the historic Claremont Hotel. Short, sweet, and challenging, the 1.3 mile Stonewall-Panoramic Trail delivers both views and exercise.

The higher you go, the more the view of the bay opens up dramatically – on a clear day you can see San Francisco and several Bay Area bridges, including the Golden Gate. For this hike, bring your furry friend, your sunscreen, and water; the park is dog-friendly and you’ll soak up lots of rays on a sunny day.

Select Oil‘s Laughing Buddha cartridge, an earthy cross of Thai and Jamaican strains, will give you the sweet and spicy push you need to reach the peak. Pair it with the convenient and discreet delivery system of a vape pen and your active adventure will surely be enhanced.


Berkeley Fire Trails

BerkeleyFireTrails Photo: Jessica Rico on The Culture Trip

“The best part of the hike is about a mile past the big hill. There is a bench made out of an old tree where the view overlooks San Francisco, Richmond, Emeryville, and a very distant Palo Alto. In the summer there are lots of wild raspberries, every once in a while you’ll even see wild turkeys and deer!” – Dave on Yelp

The Berkeley Fire Trails Loop is a 5.9 mile, moderately trafficked combination of Panoramic Hill, Chaparral Peak, and Strawberry Canyon trails that is considered difficult for its 1230 feet elevation gain. The first mile is the toughest, so power through it and you’ll be rewarded!

A favorite weekend hike among locals with amazing views of San Francisco, Oakland and the Bay, seen from eucalyptus, pine and oak forests. Escape the thick fog down near the Bay and enjoy beautiful wildflowers during the spring and summer.

This one starts out tough as you climb to the top, but is much easier on the drift downwards. If you eat a couple 2:1 CBD Dark Chocolate Minis from Venice Cookie Companybefore your hike, you’ll be floating peacefully by the end — filled with satisfaction from conquering the course and a cerebral serenity from the low-dose, CBD:THC-balanced edibles. Plus, cannabis can help you recover from a workout faster, so your muscles will thank you!


Dorothy Stegmann Trail

Cesar Photo: Daniel Takeshi on Seita’s Place

“A delightful mix of paved trails, rolling grassy hills, and spectacular views, this park makes a wonderful venue for a romantic sunset stroll or a kite flying excursion.” – Stephen on Yelp

Built on the site of a former landfill, César E. Chávez Park offers a wide range of recreational opportunities in a marina setting with spectacular views of the three bay bridges, Alcatraz, and Angel Island. The 1.25 mile trail around the park’s perimeter is fully wheelchair accessible, and its easy nature makes it a great choice for beginners.

Bring your friends, your dog, your lunch, and your kite! Don’t forget a windbreaker — it can get really chilly. After your breezy stroll, enjoy spectacular views from the picnic area, let your pet enjoy the off-leash park, take a peek at the wildlife sanctuary, or fly a kite in these perfect conditions.

For this Berkeley bay view, we recommend a Berkeley-born brand, Atlas Edibles. Stratus granola bites offer zesty lemon caramel flavors with toasted almonds, sweet wild blueberries, poppy seeds, and a hint of ginger, perfect to keep you warm during your windy walk. The sativa-dominant effects from this edible will complement your chill day in the park quite nicely.


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Now, get out there and enjoy this beautiful place we call home!


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