Consultations & Pick Up Orders

Free Consultation with a Knowledgeable Specialist

BPG carries over 300 different cannabis products for medical patients and adult consumers. We understand that, while it's great to have choices, it can be overwhelming trying to understand which cannabis therapy is right for you. This is why we offer free phone consultations with our highly trained staff members.

To use our cannabis consultation service, simply call us at 510-540-6013, ext. 3, or send an email to

We are available any time from 9am-10pm. At the end of your consultation, our staff can help you place a cannabis order for Curbside Pick Up or Delivery in the East Bay.

Read about delivery areas, payment, and order minimums.

Please note, as of April 22, 2020, the city of Berkeley requires you to wear a mask or other face covering to use all essential business services.


Curbside Pick Up During COVID 19

Curbside pick up is accessible to all -- by car, bicycle, foot, or magic carpet. Berkeley requires you to wear a mask or other face covering when visiting essential businesses.

1. Place your order online at any time, or by phone at 510-540-6013, ext. 3. from 9am-10pm.

2. Bring cash or debit card for payment.

3. If in a car, park in one of the designated curbside pick up spaces, either on the front left of the store or around the corner in the back. Then, text your name and space # to (501) 232-6367. If on foot, enter at the front, standing at the designated 6ft markers. Then, text 'walk up' to (501) 232-6367.

4. A member of our team will be out to assist you.


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Return Policy

All returns and exchanges require proof of purchase, including cartridges. Management reserves the right to decline a return for any reason.