NEW! Online Menu Service

We are excited to launch a brand new online menu and ordering system for our BPG Family Members. This system is faster, more accurate, and more robust than our previous version.

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New Advanced Search

You can still search for products based on brand, strain, price, type, and effect.

Additionally, you can find products by searching for these key terms:


Search the word 'Sale' to see a full list of currently discounted products

Staff Recommendations

Search top recommendations for: Beginner, Wellness, Sleep, Relief, Relax, Social, Focus, Happy, and Intimacy

Dietary Restrictions

Search for: Vegan, Gluten Free, and Sugar Free


Search for: Fruit, Chocolate, Sour, Savory, Sweet, Tropical, Skunk, Pine, Diesel, and more


Sign Up for an Account

Our new system allows you to sign up for an account once. After your initial sign up is complete, you will simply log in with your email or phone number and password.

Click here to view the sign up process.

What information is needed to create an account?

Your name (as it appears on your ID), cell phone or other textable number (details below), email address, birth date, photo of ID, recommendation if medical

Do I have to create an account to view the menu?

No, you can browse our menu at anytime without logging in.

Do I have to create an account to order online for in-store pick up?

Yes. This allows us to verify your identity and comply with California regulations.

Can I choose to receive email communications instead of texts?

At this time, the system does not allow email communications instead of text notifications.

Can I use a landline number to create an account?

No, the phone number must be a cell phone or textable number, and you will receive a confirmation code once submitted.

What if I don't want to give my cell phone number?

There are many free online services you can use to sign up for a textable phone number: Text Now, Send a Text, and TextMe are just a few.

What text messages will I receive regarding the status of pick up orders?

You will receive two text updates about your order:
1. When your order is submitted successfully
2. When your order is ready for pickup

Can I opt out of text messages?

When you sign up for a new account, you will be automatically enrolled in our BPG Updates Program.

You can opt out of BPG Updates, but you cannot opt out of text notifications about the status of your pick up order.

How do I upload documentation?

The system will ask if you are adult use or medical.

Adult use customers will upload a valid government-issued ID, and medical patients will upload a valid government-issued ID and medical recommendation.

What if I forget to, or cannot, upload documentation?

If you forget, or if you simply cannot upload your ID or recommendation during initial signup, you can send your documentation to, or visit us at the Pick Up Counter in-store and we will assist you in completing your profile.


How Do I Complete My First Order?

Click here for an overview of the process.


How Do I Reset My Password?

Click here for an overview of the process.

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