BPG’s Valentine’s Day Gift Guide

February 8th, 2018


Valentine’s Day is just around the corner and you’re probably wondering what to give your lover, your friend, your mom, or your dog. Now that it’s legal in California, rethink those roses and give the gift of cannabis instead!

In addition to increasing feelings of sensuality and improving mood, using cannabis can lessen pain and anxiety, helping you center yourself in the moment and relax.

So don’t stress, we put together a guide to help you win your Valentine’s heart, whoever that may be. And since it’s the holiday of love, don’t forget to practice self care and #TreatYoSelf!


BPG’s All Star Flowers

Everyone loves fresh picked (top shelf) flowers!

Roses are tired,
Violets are lame,
Cannabis is the gift
To give your flame!

Only the highest quality flowers make the cut for BPG’s top shelf All Star line. Our All Star selection boasts some of the best cannabis strains and cultivators in the world. And let’s be honest — you only want the best flowers for your best mate.

We recommend All Star Jack Frost, a long-running favorite among both our staff and patients. Its awards-winning genetics are a cross of Jack Herer, White Widow, and Northern Lights #5. You and your valentine will experience a delightful aroma of sweet pine, with hints of citrus on the exhale.


Satori’s Chocolates

An elegant twist on a Valentine’s Day classic.

Chocolate covered strawberries are oh so elegant, and even better with cannabis! This product is ideal for beginners with a refined palate and a passion for chocolate. At only 3mg per piece, you and your lover can start low and go slowly towards a highly romantic evening.

Voted Best Edible of 2017 by High Times, Satori uses the highest quality ingredients, including rich cannabis oil that’s been safely grown and processed.

If strawberry isn’t your flavor, you can also snack on Satori’s CBD rich salted caramel almonds for a calm, tender evening.

Pro Tip: Don’t miss Satori at BPG on Valentine’s day from 3-6pm!


Sprig’s Sugar-Free Soda

Something sweet, without the sugar.

If your lover loves the taste of Fresca and hates the taste of cannabis, Sprig is the perfect gift! Sprig was named Best Soda of the Year 2015 & 2016 in Edibles List magazine, and we know why — its deliciously bubbly buzz makes it one of the BPG Family’s favorite products.

This naturally flavored, refreshing citrus soda is infused with 45mg of premium THC oil, so beginners should sip slow and steady.  Sprig’s oil is safely and carefully extracted from California-grown cannabis to ensure a consistent experience with no unwanted ingredients.

PS. If your honey bee has an extra sweet tooth, regular Sprig soda is equally amazing!


Dr. Kerklaan’s Natural PMS Cream

Dr Kerklaan PMS Cream
Monthly relief for the lady in your life.

To put it bluntly, if you care about your lady, you’ll get her this cream. Though Premenstrual Syndrome sometimes has a negative connotation, there’s nothing negative about gaining vanilla-scented relief during that time of the month. This is the Valentine’s gift that keeps on giving!

Dr. Kerklaan’s Natural PMS Cream helps alleviate the burden of menstrual pain, as CBD and THC act together to effectively soothe muscle tension, ease cramping, and reduce discomfort.

All of Dr. K’s creams are formulated for localized pain relief and nourishment of the skin. These formulas are pH balanced, paraben, sulfate, and cruelty free.

If your lover is not a lady, but has trouble with muscle pain or sleeping, give the gift of Dr. Kerklaan’s Pain, Skin or Sleep Cream.


Bloom Farms’ Vaporizers

V-Day + Vape = LOVE!

We love vape pens because they are easy to use, convenient, and discreet. We love Bloom Farms because they are a 1-for-1 company, for every cartridge sold, Bloom Farms donates a meal to a family in need. This means you can love your cutie AND your community!

Give the gift of the Bloom Farms highlighter to the highlight of your life, in sativa, indica or hybrid varieties. We also recommend the Single Origin cartridges (like White Buffalo) or the Pods compatible with PAX Era, described as the “iPhone of vaporizers.”


Treat Well’s Pet Tincture

A loving treat for your four-legged friend.

Don’t forget Fido! Treat Well’s pet tinctures are non-toxic and non-psychoactive cannabis oils that can be put directly in your pet’s mouth, on their food or on a treat.

Based on Treat Well’s 10 years of observational data, patients have reported that this product may help anxiety, arthritis, pain, hip dysplasia, inflammatory issues (such as pancreatitis) and seizures.

If your lover only has two legs, you can also try one of Treat Well’s human formulas! Their tincture blends are a great addition to any wellness routine when used as a preventative treatment. CBDA, THCA, Wellness, and a variety of CBD:THC blends each possess their own unique health benefits.


Flow Kana’s Pre-Rolls

Pre-rolled convenience for your cutie.

A great gift for anyone on-the-go, grab one and take your lover or yourself out for an adventure. Pre-rolls are an economical, convenient, safe, and discreet way to consume your cannabis.

Flow Kana’s one gram pre-rolls are filled with premium flowers, hand-packed and housed in UV-protecting amber glass tubes to maintain quality freshness. Flow Kana offers a comprehensive selection of strain-specific and effect-based blend options, and one of our dispensary consultants can help you find the perfect match!


Medical Cannabis Recommendation

Give yourself the gift of wellness, and lower taxes!

Though not required to purchase cannabis in the state of California, we highly encourage all of our members to become medical patients. As a patient, you will pay lower taxes, have higher possession and purchase limits, and you will have access to a wider variety of products. We outlined the specifics in a separate post.

We’ve partnered with Meadow, an online evaluation service, to offer a special BPG Family discount to our beloved patients. Use the code ‘BPGfamily’ to receive 20% off recommendations.


Ask Your Specialist!

If you don’t find the perfect gift on this list, reach out to us! Our knowledgeable consultants are available every day from 9am-9pm to answer your questions and help you select products that fit your needs.

Call us at 510-540-6013, send us an email to express@myBPG.com, or visit us at 2366 San Pablo Ave in Berkeley, CA.


Valentine’s Day Special


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