Buy Black Cannabis + Build Black Communities with Kingmakers of Oakland and Supernova Women

February 1st, 2021

During Black History Month, Berkeley Patients Group honors the past, acknowledges the present, and builds for the future.

Below are ways you can join BPG in our efforts to realize an equitable existence.


Buy Black Cannabis

Shop these brands at BPG to support Black-owned cannabis businesses.

Esensia Flower

Marley Lovell Co-Founder of Esensia Black Equity Cannabis Brand

Co-founded and run by Marley Lovell, Esensia gardens produces high-quality sun-grown cannabis, cultivated with care and consistency. With a focus on proprietary genetics developed over years of meticulous breeding and selection in Mendocino, their strains have taken first place in several cannabis cups.

Click here to shop Esensia at BPG.


Lobo Cannagars

Eduardo Whittington, Co-Founder and owner of Lobo Cannagars


Co-founded by Eduardo Whittington, these presidential pre-rolls consist of top-shelf organic flower infused with premium distillate, then rolled in a hemp CBD wrap and finished with a glass tip.

Click here to shop Lobo at BPG.


Loud Brands

Terrence Taylor, Founder of Loud Brands Pre-Rolls


True to his roots, Loud Brands founder Terrence Taylor fashioned each full-flower preroll to represent its respective city by selecting the strain that local cannabis communities love the most.

Click here to shop Loud Brands at BPG.


Oakland Extracts

Terryn Buxton, Founder of Oakland Extracts Black Equity Cannabis


Oakland Extracts, founded and run by Terryn Buxton, is a premium cannabis extract company devoted to formulating fine quality hand-crafted medicinal quality extracts. Their slogan “Terps from the Town” is very fitting, as they experiment with a variety of local strains to create their extractions.

Click here to shop Oakland Extracts at BPG.


Buy Cannabis that Gives Back to Black Communities

All month at BPG, sales from supporting cannabis brands’ products will directly benefit Kingmakers of Oakland and Supernova Women, two of our non-profit partners in our $1 Million For Good initiative.

When you purchase the products below, 50% of the sale will be donated, equally, to Kingmakers and Supernova, benefitting our local Black communities.

Supporting sponsor’s products include:

Amplified Pre-Rolls, Atlas Granola Bites, Buddies Cartridges, Cann Social Tonics, Humboldt Farms Eighths, and Rosin Infused Pre-Rolls, Loud Brands Pre-Rolls, Marley Natural Pre-Rolls, Mary’s Medicinals Transdermal Patches, Papa & Barkley Topicals, and Wyld Gummies.

Click here to shop BPG’s Supporting Black Excellence category of products.


Support Kingmakers of Oakland – Uplifting Black Youth and Young Men

Led by Chris Chatmon, Baayan Bakari and Jerome Gourdine, Kingmakers believes that all Black males are brilliant, beautiful, and possess innate greatness. With a focus on the education system, Kingmakers supports educators to engage, encourage and empower the next generation of leaders and changemakers.

Watch their documentary, Kings in the Making:

Kingmakers of Oakland Documentary

You can also listen to their albums, Kings in the Making and Revolution Remix on Spotify or Apple, featuring BPG’s very own delivery team member, Amari Chatmon!

You can support Kingmakers of Oakland by shopping the above brands at BPG in Februrary, adding a donation to your order, or directly on their website at

Donations will help fund their team of interns, college preparedness programs, and upcoming events.


Support Supernova Women – Uplifting Women of Color in Cannabis

Led by Amber Senter, Whitney Beatty, Raeven Duckett, Isamarie Perez, Caroline Phillips, Hope Wiseman, and other leading ladies in cannabis, Supernova Women empowers women of color to become self-sufficient shareholders in the evolving cannabis economy.

They foster community empowerment through holistic education, skills acquisition, and advocating for constituents at the local, state, and national levels.

Supernova Women

Most recently, Supernova Women was selected by the city of Oakland to be one of the first organizations to recruit, train, and facilitate the employment of workers via the Workforce Development Grant Program.

You can support Supernova Women by shopping the above brands at BPG in Februrary, adding a donation to your order, or directly on their website at