Mother’s Day Gift Guide

May 10th, 2019

Your Mom Deserves the Comfort of Cannabis

With Mother’s Day right around the corner, you might be wondering, ”What do I give the woman in my life who gave it all?”

Well, not to worry, your buds at Berkeley Patients Group are here to help. Our Mother’s Day Gift Guide highlights effective products that offer relaxation, rejuvenation, and relief — everything your mom deserves.

Particularly popular among parents are products that contain CBD, one of the many compounds found in the cannabis plant. The less psychoactive counterpart to THC, CBD offers a plethora of health benefits such as relieving anxiety, aiding sleep, promoting an overall sense of calm, and so much more.

Moms who shop at BPG love CBD, and enjoy topicals, teas, vape pens, bath soaks, and low dose edibles because they offer medicinal benefits and predictable effects.

To make our favorite mom-products more accessible to all, we teamed up with a few of our top-selling brands this Mother’s Day weekend. Save money (and mom) with discounts on Beboe, Kikoko, Satori, OM and Whoopi & Maya from May 10-12 at Berkeley Patients Group.


Beboe Vape Pen Pastilles Low Dose Edible Mother's Day Gift
Beboe offers an upscale line of vaporizers and low-dose edibles, designed by Clement Kwan, a former fashion executive at Dolce & Gabbana. Beboe caters to design-savvy professionals and parents who value premium, handmade products.

Beboe’s Downtime Vaporizer Pen is the perfect pocket-sized mini for personal, discreet consumption during downtime hours and quiet evenings at home–easing restlessness and anxiety. Packaged in a fully charged, fully assembled, and fully beautiful device, just one puff will allow your mom to experience evenings under rose-tinted glasses.

If puffing isn’t for mom, Beboe’s Pastilles are crafted with the finest organic ingredients to provide a clean, subtle, euphoric effect. At only 5mg per Pastille, novice and advanced matriarchs alike will enjoy this uplifting edible.

Just like you and your mom, best friends are inseparable–so just don’t do it. Made with the finest all-natural ingredients, Beboe’s Besties Box includes the Inspired Sativa Cannabis Pastilles, Inspired Sativa Blend Mini Vape Pen, and a warm hug from your Besties at Beboe. Edible, puffable—it’s got everything your mom needs in a single, stylish package.

Enjoy 20% off all Beboe products at Berkeley Patients Group Friday, May 10 through Sunday, May 12 while supplies last. Click to shop.


Satori Chocolates

Satori Chocolate Low Dose Edible Mother's Day Gift

Moms love chocolate, and they’ll love it even more when infused with cannabis. Satori Chocolates are made from the highest quality, globally sourced ingredients providing a rich, delicious, microdose experience formulated by a world-renowned chocolatier.

They’re available in delicious bite size options, including Wild Strawberries in Milk Chocolate (CBD and THC), Wild Strawberries in Dark Chocolate, and CBD Salted Caramel Almonds in Dark Chocolate. With such mouthwatering flavors, any mom would be delighted to receive a bag of these on Mother’s Day.

If mom is new to edibles, use our beginner’s guide to help her find the perfect dose.

Enjoy 30% off all Satori products at Berkeley Patients Group Friday, May 10 through Sunday, May 12 while supplies last. Click to shop.


Kikoko Teas

Kikoko Teas Mother's Day Gift

Dad likes tee time, but mom likely prefers tea time. Kikoko’s organic, cannabis-infused, herbal teas are formulated to help with sleep, mood, pain, pleasure, and everyday wellness.

Tranquili-tea, Positivi-tea, and Sympa-tea, offer sensible, low-dose, and approachable formulas to naturally address insomnia, aches, anxiety and nausea–all too common with our moms.⁣

Pro tip: advise mom to add a splash of milk or other fatty liquid for fast absorption.

Enjoy 20% off all Kikoko products at Berkeley Patients Group Friday, May 10 through Sunday, May 12 while supplies last. Click to shop.



OM Lavender Bath Soak Mother's Day Gift
Om Edibles is an all-female run company, with a focus on combining cannabis with other healing herbs and superfoods to increase its medicinal value. Cannabis bath soaks deserve a category of their own. Far beyond a traditional topical and totally different than an edible, infused bath time is an elevated form of consumption.

Help mom soak her stress away with OM’s epsom salts, which are absorbed through the skin to provide effective enhancements to mood, pain, sleep, and relief. Lavender, Lemon Ginger, and Athletic formulas provide options for all kinds of mothers. Give the gift of fast-acting, long-lasting mental and physical relaxation

Another BPG Family favorite is OM’s Raw Cacao, infused with 80mg CBD and only 4mg THC. This high-CBD product is perfect for blending in coffee, smoothies, brownies, or eating straight out of the jar.

Enjoy 25% off all OM products at Berkeley Patients Group Friday, May 10 through Sunday, May 12 while supplies last. Click to shop.


Whoopi & Maya

Whoopi Maya Amber Moon Bath Soak Mother's Day Gift

When the legendary Whoopi Goldberg decided to follow her heart and take a leap into cannabis, she went looking for the best ingredients, the best medicine and the most talented infuser she could find. She found Maya Elisabeth, the founder of OM Edibles, and the two focused on building products for women that help them relax.

Soaking in a medicated bath will leave mom’s hair and skin feeling soothed and nourished with beneficial oils, promote a state of deep relaxation and offer relief from the aches, pains, and cramping associated with the menstrual cycle.

Amber Moon, the signature fragrance in the Whoopi & Maya line, is warm, woodsy, and inviting bringing yet one more level of enjoyment and effectiveness. The complex layering of therapeutic grade essential oils encourages mood upliftment, circulation, relaxation, and pain relief, also available in a topical rub.

Enjoy 25% off all Whoopi & Maya products at Berkeley Patients Group Friday, May 10 through Sunday, May 12 while supplies last. Click to shop.


Moms Love Berkeley Patients Group

Berkeley Patients Group is the nation’s oldest dispensary, founded in 1999. We offer lab-tested, effective, and affordable cannabis products in an environment that is professional, safe, and comfortable.

Our consultants specialize in CBD, THC, full spectrum cannabinoids and terpenes, opioid and alternative therapies, chronic pain, anxiety, insomnia, senior health and general wellness.

Parents and grandparents trust Berkeley Patients Group to provide products for a curated cannabis experience.

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