MoonRise by Drew Vandyke

November 20th, 2019

At Berkeley Patients Group, not only do we pride ourselves in our products, presentation, and customer service, but also our employees! 


This month, we’d like to highlight Drew Vandyke! Drew works in the Customer Service department, helping patients process orders, and helping patients find the right product for them. Drew came to Berkeley Patients Group in 2017 after a cancer diagnosis, followed by a successful surgery and subsequent remission, helping Drew change his perspective in the power of cannabis as a medicine and a conviction.

“Every time I had to find a new job, I felt uncomfortable. Having to pass a substance test before I was offered a position felt like a violation of my privacy. I didn’t use cannabis to escape my life, but to manage chronic pain and overcome depression. After cancer struck, I burned my bridges with corporate America and turned my face towards living life according to a more sensible value system, and I haven’t regretted a moment of that decision.”

 “BPG has become a family to me. I enjoy coming to work and seeing all the wonderfully diverse people I get to rub shoulders with every day. I love seeing people taking their health into their own hands, finding relief from suffering, and a better quality of life. I can’t imagine my life without BPG. I’ll probably be here until I retire. Berkeley Patients Group is truly, Cannabis for Good.”

 After his mother passed away from breast cancer, Drew needed an outlet to express his mourning for his mother. That’s when Drew’s father suggested he begin to write.

 “Journaling was my way, as both a human being and a fraternal twin, to process my experience. Writing fiction was a way to say everything I wanted to say about life in a palatable form, using my superpowers for good, rather than leaving a swath of relational destruction behind me.”

 After pursuing degrees in both Performing Arts (BFA, University of Tampa) and Theology (MTS, Pacific School of Religion: Berkeley), Drew turned his heart towards home, family, and the unresolved internal conflicts that waited for him.

 “That’s when my brother stepped in and gave me the opportunity of a lifetime. As a former serviceman and retired intelligence officer, David found a niche writing military science fiction and mysteries. He was also an Amazon Bestselling Author, and when I sent him some of my writing, he suggested that we collaborate.

 “What came about was the Supernatural Siblings Series, an urban fantasy/family drama about identical twin girls, one who is a witch, and one who is a werewolf.” 

 Book One: MoonRise is available FREE for download in most E-reader formats from the following URL:

 The Supernatural Siblings series is part of the New Adult and Urban Fantasy genres and suitable for adults, eighteen years and older.

 “The plot is fiction, but the emotional reality of the siblings rings true. It’s been great therapy for me. I’m currently working on completing Book Four, which has been in gestation for the past few years. But I think the book is going to be better because of the labor of love it has been.”

The rest of the series is available for purchase here, or drop by Berkeley Patients Group for a free digital copy! If you’ve already purchased a paperback copy, bring it by for a chance to have it autographed by Drew himself!