BPG Delivery Service Closed 9/11/20 Due to Very Unhealthy Air Quality

September 11th, 2020

Update 9/12/20: Our delivery service is now open. Please check back for updates.

With wildfires burning across the coast, the East Bay’s air quality index is currently deemed very unhealthy.

For the safety of our team members, BPG will not offer delivery services today, 9/11/20.

At this time, we will remain open for in-store shopping and curbside pick up from 11am-10pm.

If the AQI is deemed hazardous, BPG will close all operations until conditions are safe to resume.

BPG Delivery Service will be Closed 9/11/20 Due to Unhealthy Air Quality

We ask that you please remain safe, and follow guidance from local health officials.

Avoid going outside, especially if you have a compromised immune system. If you must venture out, limit your time exposed and wear an N95 face mask for protection.

Close windows in your home, drink lots of water, and check forecasts for updates.

We will continue to update you about our services as we receive new information.

We love you, BPG Family, stay strong.