Support Our African American Community – Shop at BPG February 14-28

February 14th, 2019


From February 14-28, Berkeley Patients Group is partnering with California’s top cannabis brands to support the achievements of our community members.

We have selected four local organizations that offer direct services and support to African Americans in the Bay Area. Funds raised will help build and run programs that focus on professional development, community, mental and physical health.

During the campaign, $2 from every supporting brand partner’s products sold will be donated directly to a selected organization — $1 from BPG and $1 from the brand.

February 14-17 – Heart 2 Heart

The month of February is dedicated to celebrating Black History, as well as bringing awareness to heart health. As such, it seems perfectly fitting that we kick off Valentine’s day weekend with LifeLong Medical Care’s Heart 2 Heart Program.

Heart 2 Heart’s mission is to build relationships and strengthen social cohesion between community members by linking residents with needed resources and services to reduce the rates of hypertension, heart disease, and stroke occurrence in South Berkeley.

They provide drop-in blood pressure clinics, barbershop health hubs, a mobile health hub, a neighborhood health advocate program, and host a yearly Neighborhood Health and Wellness Celebration.

From February 14-17, $2 from every Beboe, Kikoko and Satori product sold will be donated directly to H2H. Bonus: Kikoko and Beboe are 20% off, and Satori is 25% off during this time.

Stop by BPG on Friday, February 15 from 11am-2pm or 4-7pm for a free blood pressure check from H2H!


February 18-21 – Kingmakers of Oakland

Kingmakers of Oakland

The Office of African American Male Achievement creates the systems, structures, and spaces that guarantee success for all African Americans in OUSD and other counties. In 2010, the Office of AAMA initiated a unique academic mentoring model designed and implemented by African American males for African American males.

During its first year, the program proved so effective that it grew from three to six sites. Thus, Kingmakers of Oakland was born. Today, the program is operating in 14 organizations throughout the district.

Kingmakers of Oakland seeks to decrease suspensions and increase attendance; decrease incarceration and increase graduation rates; decrease the opportunity gap and increase literacy.

Bloom Farms, a 1-for-1 cannabis company, will support Kingmakers of Oakland from February 18-21. $2 from each Bloom Farms product sold will be donated directly to the organization. We recommend their strain-specific vape pens, flower, and PAX pods.


February 22-24 – Black Men Speak

Black Men Speak

Members of Black Men Speak tell their personal stories of what it is like to be an African American man with mental health and substance abuse issues living in an urban community by relaying their individual roads to recovery.

Through storytelling, BMS presents on topics including PTSD, family issues, wellness and recovery, community violence, self esteem, mental health, spirituality, wellness and African American history.

Programs offered include resources for housing and homeless prevention, mentoring and peer support, employment and training, public speaking and storytelling.

From February 22-24, $2 from every Korova product sold will donated to Black Men Speak. We recommend their top shelf flowers and wide selection of edibles — CBD, vegan, low and high dose options available.


February 25-28 – Rafiki Coalition

Rafiki Coalition

In the Swahili language, the word “Rafiki” means friend. Rafiki Coalition’s mission is to eliminate inequalities in San Francisco’s Black and marginalized communities through education and advocacy, and by providing holistic health and wellness services in a culturally affirming environment.

Rafiki Coalition strives to achieve its focus by providing health and wellness services including, but not limited to, health education, movement classes, health screenings, advocacy, transitional housing and case management services for people living with HIV/AIDS, trauma resiliency and mental health circles, and other health-promoting activities.

$2 from every Marley Natural product sold at BPG February 25-28 will be donated to Rafiki Coalition. In the true spirit of Bob Marley, we recommend their mindfully crafted flowers, pre-rolls, or vape pens.


Thank You, BPG Family

As always, we are deeply thankful for the support from our partners, our members, and our community, who do their part to advance knowledge and inspire action.

If you feel so inclined, please make an additional donation to these deserving organizations in our collection boxes, or directly on their website.

Please help us spread the word on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. One message can travel a long way!


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