Black-Owned Food Businesses We Love in Berkeley and the Bay Area

February 23rd, 2021

All month at BPG we’ve been celebrating our favorite Black-owned cannabis brands, raising funds for Black-owned and benefitting non-profits, and buying employee meals from Black-owned restaurants.

But Black culture and communities can be honored for longer than the month of February.  Where and how you choose to spend your money makes a difference, and you can make simple choices that make an impact.

We all have to eat, especially after we hit the blunt, bowl, or bong! Below is BPG’s list of our absolute favorite food items from Black-owned restaurants in the Bay Area.

And yes, we sampled them all and we promise you’ll love every single bite.

Grab a coffee, a cupcake, or a bite to-go from one of these restaurants, and pair it with a joint from Lobo or Loud Brands to double-down on support for Black businesses.


Alchemy Collective Cafe & Roaster

Alchemy Coffee & Roaster
Black, Queer, and Trans worker-owned cafe and coffee roaster.

Our Berkeley neighbor’s structure and operations are democratically run, with all collective members having an equal voice. We love this unique cafe and coffee shop’s vision for freeing themselves from the extractive, exploitative grasp of capitalism in order to gain personal and financial sovereignty.

Their coffee is as unique and delicious as their thirst for change. We recommend trying a Gibralta or Peppermint Herbal Tea accompanied with some Mariposa Pastries.

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A hidden jewel in the middle of the city.

As a young girl, Mulu Reda began her love and passion for cooking in the town she was born and raised in, Addis Ababa, Ethiopia.

After moving to America with her family, Reda spent most of her time at the local Ethiopian Medhalam Church where she prepared meals for the priest and congregation. This passion for serving people led Mulu to take a risk and open Barcote.

Twenty-four years later, her restaurant stands off Telegraph Ave in Berkeley. Our favorite Ethiopian dishes are Doro Wot, Barcote’s Kitfo, and Buticha.

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The Busy Wife Personal Chef and Catering

Mac and Cheese From The Busy Wife Personal Chef and Catering
The Busy Wife’s mac and cheese is so delectable, you’d think she had all the time in the world to pour her love into it.

At the end of 2017, Michauxnee Kennan was fired from her job as a legal secretary.

Initially, she was so distraught about the impact this would have on her family, finances, and marriage, that she nearly forgot she was NOT her JOB! With the support and sacrifice of her loving husband, she established her catering service, The Busy Wife, an accurate reflection of her life juggling kids, marriage, and work.

For her, feeding folks is as natural as blood flowing through every vein in her body. She wanted — no, needed — to give folks good food and to nourish their souls. Today, Michauxnee passionately provides customized, affordable catering and meal prep for folks around the Bay Area.

Our staff loved the creamy Fried Chicken, Mac & Cheese, Braised Collards, and Cornbread. Head to her website to submit an order.


Crumble & Whisk Patisserie

Crumble and Whisk Cheesecakes, Desserts, and Baked Goods.
Cheesecakes can be made sugar-free and they offer several gluten-free and dairy-free options.

Founded in 2013, Crumble & Whisk is recognized by many as the premier cheesecake bakery in the Bay Area.

As a trained chef with an exceptional palate for pairing flavors and an artist’s eye for aesthetics, Chef Charles Farriér’s cheesecakes are often referred to as “works of art” by his clientele.

Using premium, local organic ingredients, the cheesecakes feature buttery shortbread crusts, creamy-rich fillings with exceptional flavors, and are exquisitely finished with fresh seasonal fruit, toppings, and flowers.</p

Celebrate with a cheesecake! You deserve it. We love the unique flavors including Beet and Cherry, Puckered Up!, or Strawberry Fields.

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Cupcakin’ Bake Shop

Cupcake Bake Shop Bay Area Black-Owned Business
These are the Bay Area’s best cupcakes, hands down! Vegan and gluten-free options, too.

Back in 2007, Lila Owens began Cupcakin’ Bake Shop to showcase her passion for baking in a fun culture with adorable décor — and she nailed it. Her artisan baked goods are made from high-quality, sustainable ingredients.

With its unique, creative, and eco-friendly culture, Berkeley proved to be the ideal place for Cupcakin’ Bake Shop to take root. One of the sweetest shops in town, perfect for when the munchies hit!

We recommend stuffing your mouth with some of their exquisite flavors such as Vegan Black Forest, Lemon Cream Pie, and Chocolate Toffee.

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Everett & Jones Barbecue

Everett and Jones Barbeque
We love a loaded combo plate. All dinners are served with your choice of two side orders (get the mac & cheese, for sure) and corn or whole wheat bread.

If you’re looking for comfort food, look no further than Everett & Jones. This Black family-owned and operated business is known for its meat, sauce, and hospitality.

E&J’s has been serving up some of the best homemade links since 1973 and they have no completion in sight. The business has continued to grow to include six locations in the San Francisco Bay Area.

One day soon you’ll be able to pick up your favorite eighth to smoke alongside smoked pork ribs — BPG will be moving next door to E & J’s Berkeley location in the future!

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Lois The Pie Queen

Lois The Pie Queen
Corner cafe serving up Southern hospitality with its popular fried chicken, pies, and breakfast items.

The best pie in the Bay Area is right here in Berkeley!

Founded in 1949, Lois‘ first restaurant, was on Sacramento Street in Berkeley. She started it with her husband Roland, also a cook, who soon dubbed her and her regal confectionary “Lois the Pie Queen.”  The staple restaurant has been in its current location since the early 1970s.

We recommend a slice of Key Lime Pie, Sweet Potato Cheesecake, or Mixed Berry Pie.

Craving something savory? Lois has some of that too! Try their Chicken and Waffles or Shrimp and Grits.

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Pop’s Deli & Grill

Always open for breakfast, lunch, and dinner.
Come with an appetite, these BOMB sandwiches will fill your belly fast.

Pop’s Deli & Grill is a small business in the heart of Hayward that locals love. Serving up some of the freshest breakfast and lunch, this Pop will never disappoint.

Flip the bird on one of their most popular sandwiches and try the Chickencado, loaded with chicken, avocado, sweet red onion, sprouts, and tomato on a french roll.

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Buy Black Cannabis

Of course, food is always more delicious when consumed after cannabis. Shop these Black-owned cannabis brands

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