BPG X Battle Brothers Military Appreciation Month

May 1st, 2020

May is National Military Appreciation Month. Led by Gulf War Combat Veteran and Owner Etienne Fontan, we at Berkeley Patients Group deeply care for and respect the men and women who have given their lives to serve our country.

In honor of National Military Appreciation Month, veterans will receive 15% off their purchases at BPG all month, and veterans over 65 will receive 20% off.

Sales at BPG during May will also benefit the Battle Brothers Foundation, as part of our  $1 Million For Good initiative. Keep reading to learn about the important work they do and how you can support veterans this month.

About The Battle Brothers Foundation

The current resources designed to aid veterans transitioning from military service to civilian life provide only minimal guidance toward obtaining success, which often leads to struggles in searching for a new sense of direction, purpose, and identity. 

These issues can ultimately lead to self-induced isolation that is detrimental to veteran success.

The Battle Brothers Foundation pairs transitioning veterans with mentors who possess similar aspirations to help them reach their full potential, and creates interdependent relationships within local communities to prevent isolation.

The Foundation also partners with veteran-led organizations that provide employment opportunities in the security, agriculture, and pharmaceutical sectors of the American industry. 

These roles help veterans apply their strong moral principles and leadership skills to demanding work environments, resulting in a superior work atmosphere. 

Veterans, Medical Cannabis, and PTSD

Battle Brothers is on a mission to help put an end to the opioid and suicide epidemic plaguing our nation’s heroes. 

They believe that exploring the benefits of medical cannabis is the most effective way to combat these issues and bring proper aid to those who gave so much to our great nation.

After speaking directly with members of Congress, the Foundation’s leadership learned that the days of advocating are over, and what our lawmakers need is scientific data backed by American doctors. 

Battle Brothers and partners NiaMedic will submit their first study evaluating the Safety and Efficacy of Medical Cannabis in the stressors of Posttraumatic Stress Management, the third group in North America to conduct such research.

Veteran Services At Berkeley Patients Group

Discount for Veterans

We proudly offer discounts for veterans at BPG. During the month of May, Veterans over 65 will receive a 20% discount, and all Veterans will receive a 15% discount. It’s just one small way we can give back to our brothers and sisters.

As always, we offer free, personalized consultations via phone or in-store.


Operation EVAC 

Operation EVAC (Educating Veterans About Cannabis) is a 90-minute social support group led by Ryan Miller, a combat veteran and former employee of Berkeley Patients Group.

Participants heal through story-sharing, guided meditation, volunteer community projects, and donated cannabis medicine.

Formerly limited to the Bay Area and Sacramento, hosting Operation EVAC meetings online gained new members from as far as Placerville and San Diego

Please help us reach more veterans by sharing this flyer on social media.

If you, or a veteran you know, are interested in joining Operation EVAC meetings, please send an email to Ryan@opevac.org.


How You Can Help

You can make a difference in a veteran’s life today by pledging a donation to Battle Brothers Foundation or joining their team of dedicated volunteers.

If you have questions, want to volunteer, or just feel like having a chat, email info@battlebrothersfoundation.org and they’ll be happy to help.


Buy Veteran-Owned Cannabis Products

Co-founded in California in 2014, Valhalla Confections rapidly gained popularity as one of the most consistently dosed, best tasting, and fast-acting gummies on the market. 

These Veteran-owned gummies are available in 3 flavor varieties. Watermelon, Tangerine, and Tropical Twist. Valhalla’s great tasting, long-lasting gummies are dosed precisely to have the same effect every time.


Shop at Veteran-Owned Cannabis Companies

Since 1991, Etienne, Owner and Vice President of Berkeley Patients Group, has been an advocate for veterans’ right to access cannabis, working behind the scenes in DC to craft legislation that expands research and alters the VA’s policy on medical cannabis use.

Etienne is a combat veteran of the Gulf War, a lifetime member of the Veterans of Foreign Wars, American Legion, and Veterans for Peace

He is a mentor and member of the Veterans Cannabis Coalition, which identifies, organizes, and trains veteran leaders in key states to effectively engage, and hold accountable, elected representatives.

This Military Appreciation Month, please consider joining Berkeley Patients Group in the fight for veteran access by shopping with us throughout the month of May, or making a donation to the Battle Brothers Foundation or Operation EVAC.

To those still with us, we thank you for your service. To those no longer with us, we thank you for your sacrifice.