BPG’s Holiday Guide for Gifting Cannabis

December 13th, 2018

It’s the first holiday season since legalization in California, and changing times have made consumption more accessible, more stylish, and even more enjoyable.

Not only is cannabis a safer alternative to alcohol, it naturally enhances laughter, mood and sleep. Giving the gift of green shows someone that you care about their health and well-being.

Our 2018 Holiday Gift Guide highlights some of our most popular products and seasonal staff favorites, so you can find the perfect present for everyone from your grandma to your girlfriend. Plus, we’ve included BPG’s holiday sales to ensure that gifting dank won’t break your bank.

If this is your first time gifting ganja, read Leaflys tips for introducing cannabis to your holiday celebrations with family.


Beboe Besties Gift Box

Beboe Holiday Besties Gift Box Set Cannabis BPG Cannabis consumption for the classiest cannaseur.

The brainchild of a famous tattoo artist and a Dolce & Gabbana fashion executive, it’s no surprise that NY Times named Beboe the “Hermès of marijuana.

The rose-gold, sleek design of Beboe products has movie stars and soccer moms lining up for their vaporizer pens and candies.

We love the Beboe Besties Holiday Gift Box for the fashion-forward friend in your life. The super-affordable, super-stylish starter pack includes a disposable Sativa Blend Mini Vape and Inspired Sativa Cannabis Pastilles.

The Sativa Mini Vape is the ultimate concert companion, offering a subtle and engaging high. Made with 250 mg of sativa THC and 40 mg of CBD, this blend was intentionally engineered for social consumption.

The candied companion to the sativa vape offers a sweet tart taste in single micro doses of 5 mg THC and 4 mg CBD per piece, providing a subtle, euphoric effect.

Edible, puffable, dosable—this $60 gift box set has everything you need in a single package.

From December 13-16 at BPG, when you buy any Beboe product, you’ll get the second (of equal or lesser value) for 50% off.


dosist Holiday Kits

Dosist Holiday Gift Set Candle BPG The perfect introduction to plant-based health.

dosist, as the name suggests, is the only vape pen with precise dosing at 2.25 mg per inhale.

It is a best-seller at BPG among all ages and lifestyles for its ease-of-use, carefully-crafted, effect-based formulas, and the medical-grade delivery device.

dosist is the perfect gift for any new cannabis user. The Bliss, Sleep, Calm, and Relief formulas were developed through extensive research and scientifically formulated to deliver a distinct experience. These vape pens are fast-acting, and effects can be easily controlled based on the number of inhales.

Their limited-edition holiday kits come wrapped in festive packaging with candles inspired by the terpenes in each formula. The best part? The Holiday Candle Kits are the same price as the regular 200-dose pens at $100. That’s $0.50 per dose, with a candle bonus!

The Holiday Get Together Kit, consists of dosist’s two most popular blends, bliss and calm, in a mini-size of 50 doses each, and a limited edition carrying case, perfect for sharing at any holiday get together. This kit is also priced the same as two 50-dose pens ($40 each = $80 at $0.80 per dose).

dosist is committed to reducing waste, and their pens are 95% recyclable. Make sure to let your gift recipient know that if they bring in their empty dose pen, they’ll get $5 off their next pen.


Canndescent Gift Set

Canndescent Cannabis Gift Box BPG Take your White Elephant Party to a higher level.

Spark joy this holiday season with Canndescent’s first-ever, limited edition gift sets, which made Forbes’ Holiday Gift Guide: Ultimate Luxury List For Cannabis Connoisseurs.

Available in two-jar ($100) and five-jar ($240) sets, these living-room quality displays are a beautiful centerpiece and talking point for any holiday party host.

Each individually numbered, collectible box includes their virgin cannabis flower, organic hemp wick, rolling papers, crutches, and matches — everything your guests could need for an enjoyable and memorable night.

Canndescent’s strains are grown for specific effect: Calm, Connect, Cruise, Create, and Charge, so this set is a great starter pack for someone stepping into cannabis exploration.

If your guest list includes self-proclaimed cannaseurs, challenge them to “guess the effect” after seeing, smelling, and smoking each of the different strains.

On Friday, December 21 at BPG, you’ll receive a $1 pre-roll with any Canndescent purchase over $25. Plus, free gift wrapping from 12-3pm!


Kiva Peppermint Bark

Kiva Peppermint Bark Bar BPG Edible Destress with this seasonal delight.

Everyone at BPG looks forward to time of year because it means the return of a seasonal staff favorite — Kiva’s Peppermint Bark Bar.

This limited edition treat is made of delicious, infused dark chocolate topped with swirls of white chocolate, completed with a dusting of crushed peppermint candy for $25.

Microdosing edibles can be a great tool for navigating the stress and anxiety that can arrive with the holidays, or used as a natural sleep aid after long days spent socializing with friends and family.

At 100 mg per package and 5 mg per serving, novice and expert consumers alike will be thrilled to find this seasonal treat stuffed in their stocking. To learn how to dose like a pro, read Kiva’s Tips for Microdosing this Holiday Season.

We also highly recommend Kiva’s other micro-dose edibles for any novice or skilled consumer. Choose from the Petra Mints (2.5 mg per piece), Terra Bites (5 mg per piece), Camino Gummies (5 mg per piece), and a huge selection of other 100 mg chocolate bars in flavors like Blackberry and Vanilla Chai.


Toast Slices

Toast Slice Pre Roll Cannabis Cigarettes BPG A luxury replacement for your holiday celebrations.

Toast aims to provide a cannabis experience that is both social and responsible, with vibes reminiscent of an old, luxury European tobacco brand with a new (and positive!) twist.

Toast ‘slices’ are packaged in elegantly decorated, award-winning boxes inspired by the cigarette cases of the 1920s.

With absolutely no tobacco, Toast burns exactly like a cigarette. They’re made from a low-dose, high CBD strain and with 100% hemp materials, so this product is a great replacement for cigarette smokers looking to reduce or remove tobacco consumption.

Enhance your holiday gathering with a personalized but social experience. Share a pack of Toast with friends this season for only $18.

From Friday, December 21 through Monday, December 24, when you buy a pack of Toast at BPG you’ll get the second for just $1.


NUG Chocolates

Nug Cannabis Chocolate Edibles BPG Stuff your stockings with sweetness.

We love NUG for many reasons. For one, their single-source products are manufactured with care, right down the road from us in Oakland.

Like BPG, NUG utilizes education, volunteering and funding to support projects and organizations that help strengthen our community.

They’re also part of the cannabis equity program, which seeks to repair damages from the drug war that have disproportionately affected black and brown people.

Their community support is top-notch, and their products are, too. NUG won first place for best edible at this year’s Sacramento High Times Cannabis Cup for their Mocha Crunch Milk Chocolate Bar.

Each bar is only $12 for 80 mg, is certified organic, fair trade, and gluten free. With so many flavors to choose from (Dark, Milk, and Salted Almond Dark), you’re certain to find the perfect stocking stuffer for the 420-friendly sweet tooth on your list.

And if edibles aren’t your thing, NUG also offers strain-specific flowers and concentrates. Premium Jack flowers ($40 / eighth) are perfect for sativa-lovers, and Gorilla Glue #4 and Headband Shatters ($35 / gram) make a great gift for heavy-hitters.

From now through Saturday, December 15, their Chocolate Bars are only $1 with any NUG purchase at BPG.


BPG Stash Jars

BPG Stash Jar Eighth Cannabis A BPG keepsake to keep your flowers fresh.

It’s a blast from the past! BPG’s durable, airtight, smell proof storage jars make the perfect stocking stuffer for those who reminisce on the good old days of the BPG lounge.

Unfortunately, the porous, plastic bag that many flowers are now packaged in can leave you with a stale strain. Stash jars are an often overlooked accessory, but these babies are the best tool for keeping your cannabis potent and organized.

Consider picking up an eighth or ounce jar to save your full-bodied strains from a watered-down high this holiday season, or get creative with it! We’ve seen our jars used as shot glasses, candle containers and succulent planters.

Post a picture of your creation and tag your #BPGFamily on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter.



We hope this guide helped you find something festive to gift your family, friends, and flame this holiday season.

If you have questions about any of the products on this list, or cannabis in general, you can call our consultation line at 510-540-6013 any day from 9am-9pm, or visit us at 2366 San Pablo Ave in Berkeley.

We wish you the happiest of holidays!


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PS. We will be the only dispensary that is OPEN on New Year’s Day from 10am-5:30pm. Cannabis is the perfect cure for that NYE hangover!