4/20 for 20 Years!

April 11th, 2019

A Historic 4/20 Celebration

As the nation’s longest-running dispensary, we’ve been celebrating the 4/20 holiday for quite some time. This year is extremely special to us, as it’s our 20th anniversary — 4/20 for TWENTY YEARS! We hope you will join us for this year’s community event.

BPG Celebrates 4/20 for 20 Years


Celebrating with Deals April 17-20

Once again, Berkeley Patients Group is proud to partner with our state’s leading brands to offer you a huge slate of savings this 4/20 holiday. Take advantage of deals from Wednesday through Saturday, April 17-20, while supplies last.


Specials 50% off Cannabis at BPG on 4/20 Deals
Specials 50% off Cannabis at BPG on 4/20 Deals
50% OFF  –  Marley Natural

Cultivated with the spirit of Bob Marley. Excellent choice for celebrating the holiday, just as Bob would have! Eighths, Pre-Rolls and Cartridges on sale.

50% OFF  –  Plus Gummies

Featured in TIME Magazine, Forbes, and Thrillist for delicious flavors and easy dosing. Perfect for beginners. Low-Dose and High-CBD Gummies on sale.

50% OFF  –  Valhalla

Kosher and organic gummies in flavors that both experts and beginners will enjoy. Indica, Sativa, and CBD Gummies on sale.


Specials 40% off Cannabis at BPG on 4/20 Deals
Specials 40% off Cannabis at BPG on 4/20 Deals

40% OFF  –  Flow Kana

California’s first sustainably grown cannabis brand. A variety of Eighths and Pre-Rolls on sale.


Specials 30% off Cannabis at BPG on 4/20 Deals
Specials 30% off Cannabis at BPG on 4/20 Deals

30% OFF  –  Dr. Kerklaan

Doctor-formulated, effective topicals for your parents, grandparents, or yourself. Pain, Sleep, Skin and PMS Creams, Sticks and Sprays on sale.

30% OFF  –  Korova

Unrivaled potency, unquestionable quality. A favorite of our most knowledgeable cannaseurs. Made in Berkeley! Top Shelf Flowers, Cookies, and Baked Goods on sale.

30% OFF  –  Elyon

Sun grown in Santa Cruz with passion and precision, these flowers are best enjoyed with friends. Animal Mint, Slymer, Purple Punch, Key Lime Pie Eighths on sale.


Specials 25% off Cannabis at BPG on 4/20 Deals
Specials 25% off Cannabis at BPG on 4/20 Deals

25% OFF  –  Bloom Farms

A 1-for-1 company, Bloom Farms donates one meal for every product sold. Enjoy strain-specific and blends for anytime of the day. Eighths, Cartridges, and PAX Pods on sale.

25% OFF  –  Select Oil

Our most popular cartridge! Select offers a huge selection of cartridges so you can achieve the perfect mood for your 4/20 celebration. Half and Full Gram Strain-Specific Cartridges and Tinctures on sale.

25% OFF  –  NUG

NUG single-source products are created with care in Oakland. Cannaseurs and novices can appreciate their full selection of top shelf products. Chocolates, flowers and extracts on sale.

25% OFF  –  Toast

A high-end, nicotine-free social experience to be shared (and Instagrammed). With their purple crutch and gold butterfly, you’ll want to show all your friends! CBD Pre-Rolls on sale.


Specials 20% off Cannabis at BPG on 4/20 Deals
Specials 20% off Cannabis at BPG on 4/20 Deals

20% OFF  –  Mary’s Medicinals

Contrary to popular relief, Mary’s products are mindfully crafted for medicinal use with beneficial blends of CBD, THC, and CBN. Keep CBD on hand during your 4/20 celebrations to maintain balance and happiness. Transdermal Topicals and Patches, Muscle Freeze, Tinctures, Vape Cartridges and Kits on sale.

20% OFF  –  Legion of Bloom

Northern California grown cannabis in strain-specific and CBD blends in Pods for PAX Era are perfect for the sophisticated consumer. RE:VIVE, RE:LAX and RE:LIEVE throughout 4/20 with their high CBD blends. PAX Pods on sale.

20% OFF  –  Kiva Confections

Our most popular chocolate is loved by all for controlled effects and delicious taste! At 2.5mg, Kiva Petra Mints are perfect for beginners celebrating the 4/20 holiday. Try Kiva’s brand new Terra Bite flavors, Sea Salt Caramel and Dark Chocolate Peppermint, or stick with BPG Family favorite, Milk Chocolate Blueberries. Camino Gummies, Chocolate Bars, Petra Mints and Terra Bites on sale.


Specials $4.20 PAX at BPG on 4/20 Deals

Specials $4.20 PAX at BPG on 4/20 Deals

$4.20  – PAX Era Battery

PAX delivers a new, consistent, and fully customizable vape experience. The PAX Era battery links up to your PAX Vapor App. From your phone, you can optimize temperatures for flavor, select colors and vibrations, lock your device, and monitor your consumption.

Take advantage of this special pricing (normally $30), as well as discounts on Bloom Farms and Legion of Bloom compatible Pods.


4/20 Extended Hours: 6am-10pm

BPG will be the only dispensary in the Bay Area open from 6am-10pm on Saturday, 4/20! The first members to arrive on 4/20 will take advantage of our $1 Sunrise Specials, including Cartridges, Pre-Rolls, and Edibles.

$1 Sunrise Specials!

Arrive early! To help more members save money this holiday, we offer two $1 items per person, while supplies last. Sunrise Specials are not available for pick up.

$1 Bloom Farms Cartridges

.5g Clementine + Sour Apple Cartridges

$1 FloraCal Pre-Rolls

1g False Teeth + Brandywine Pre-Rolls

$1 Elyon Pre-Rolls

Assorted Strains

$1 Toast Pre-Rolls

1.2g High CBD Blend Pre-Rolls

$1 Plus Gummies

100mg Blueberry, Mango CBD, and Watermelon Gummies

$1 Korova Cookies

Assorted Flavors

$1 Kiva Chocolates

10 mg Peppermint Bars

$1 NUG Chocolates

Assorted Flavors

$1 Humboldt Apothecary Tinctures

100mg Love Potion, Relax, Resist, Uplift Blends

$1 Valhalla Gummies

100mg Sativa, Indica + Hybrid Gummies


Become A Member Of The BPG Family

Save time and sign up online! You can register to become a patient / member and use our brand new online menu in just a few minutes: myBPG.com/shop. View our information guide and FAQ before signing up to ensure a smooth process.


Skip the Line, Order Online

Our 4/20 event draws hundreds of new and returning BPG Family Members. For those who prefer to avoid crowds, we’re offering specials beginning Wednesday, April 17, so you have 3 days to take advantage of deals before the big celebration.

If you are in a hurry, make sure to place your order online before you arrive. Our full menu is available at www.myBPG.com/shop.

Please note, 4/20 Sunrise Specials are not available for pick up order. They will be distributed on a first come, first served basis.


Giving Back to Our Community

Founded in 1999, Berkeley Patients Group was built on the principles of leadership, service, community, compassion, and integrity.

Once again, we are incredibly proud to partner with California’s leading brands in celebration of this beloved cultural holiday and in support of change in our East Bay community and beyond.

From April 17-20, $1 from every sale will benefit the Berkeley Free Clinic, which provides free health care services including primary care, dental, STI, HIV and Hepatitis testing, women, trans* and other gender non-conforming services, as well as peer counseling.

From the bottom of our hearts, we thank you for your continued support of Berkeley Patients Group, our mission, and our community.


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Women’s History Month at BPG – Shop to Support Our Community

February 28th, 2019


In celebration of Women’s History Month, Berkeley Patients Group is partnering with women-led cannabis brands to support the health, development and achievement of our womxn community members.

Four organizations that offer direct services to womxn in the Bay Area will receive funding and awareness through our campaign. During select dates in March, $2 from every sale of supporting brand partner’s products will be donated to a local nonprofit.

Last month, in just two weeks, we raised over $6,000 for Heart 2 Heart, Kingmakers of Oakland, Black Men Speak and the Rafiki Wellness Coalition in our campaign.

We’re hoping that, with your help, we can raise $15,000 for the Women’s Cancer Resource Center, the Women’s Daytime Drop-in Center, Supernova Women and the Women’s Therapy Center.

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Support Our African American Community – Shop at BPG February 14-28

February 14th, 2019


From February 14-28, Berkeley Patients Group is partnering with California’s top cannabis brands to support the achievements of our community members.

We have selected four local organizations that offer direct services and support to African Americans in the Bay Area. Funds raised will help build and run programs that focus on professional development, community, mental and physical health.

During the campaign, $2 from every supporting brand partner’s products sold will be donated directly to a selected organization — $1 from BPG and $1 from the brand.

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BPG’s Wellness Guide for 2019

February 7th, 2019

For most of us, achieving better health is a New Year’s resolution in 2019 (and, let’s be honest, has been almost every year).

Wellness is a journey that requires balancing the physical, emotional, and spiritual facets of your life. It can be challenging, but we believe in you, and we’re here to help!

Making small changes to your daily regimen allows you to work towards your goals, one step at a time, without feeling overwhelmed.

Each week, introduce one new adjustment and focus on accomplishing it every day. If it’s a task, assign a time when you will complete it. Ultimately, you will transform each task into a habit.

If you miss a day or make a mistake, don’t worry. Change takes time, and wellness is not rigid, it’s fluid. Thank yourself for making the commitment to your health and make a promise that you will do better tomorrow.

Meditating in the morning, joining a group fitness class, adding more vegetables to your diet, or drinking eight cups of water per day are a just few adjustments you can make towards a more balanced lifestyle.

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New Year, New BPG! 20th Anniversary Renovations

January 18th, 2019

Get ready for a new BPG experience!


From January 28 to February 8, our building at 2366 San Pablo Ave in Berkeley, CA will undergo renovations that will impact our normal operations.

We will remain open during this time.

Here is an overview of our timeline to help you plan your visit accordingly:


January 28-31 – Pick Up Desk Renovations
Pick up orders will move to main room. Medical Patients and Recreational Adults will form one single line for full service. Limited parking available.

February 1-3 – No Renovations
Normal operations. Super Bowl specials!

February 4-8 – Main Room Renovations
Parking and full service counters limited. Pick up order specials!


To place an order for pick up, please visit myBPG.com/shop.

Don’t forget to sign up for BPG Updates to get $10 store credit on your birthday (valid for an entire year) and receive updates when your favorite products are on sale. You’ll also be the first to know about our Super Bowl and Pick Up Order specials during renovations.

We apologize for any inconvenience. We are thrilled to deliver this brand new experience to our BPG Family Members in honor of our 20th anniversary.


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